Theory of Creating Passive Wealth Extreme, & do Nothing!

People are putting products on stock websites and earning money. People are using the blocks, the gendered valve so application. You, too, we are living in a digital world enabling is on any part of the world.

The theme of this website is to spread worthy ideas and in this article one of the powerful idea is sharing that may change your life and you can simply put such idea into creating wealth in your life without putting efforts. Isn't it interesting? How to change ideas without putting effort?

You know losing money is the biggest fear in everyone's life when they are young, always programmed the money is very tough to earn as you ask some question to yourself :
Is this very tough to earn MONEY?  Doesn’t it grow on trees? IF this answer is yes then Why am I wasting money? It's very tough to win money, but I was advanced in life. I came across certain techniques of people they are actually creating wealth in their life by not putting continuous efforts and we shall understand them today by recalling the Seven R theory technique for creating wealth that must be read if you are passionate about the creation of passive income extreme.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

But Before I go to the theory topic, I want to share with you, one of the very powerful stories,  Written by American Author "Burke Hedges". is called a "Parable of the Pipeline" 
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 So first we have a look at the story, so it's happened when there were two boys: Pablo and Bruno in a village, who are unemployed. So the mayor of the village, calls them in one day and said that we need water in the village, the village tank is empty, so we need water from the nearby river of the village and every day, both of you, carry water from the river and put it into village river tank, And for every bucket of water you carry, you will be paid some money, For Unemployed Pablo and Bruno, it sounds like a great idea and agreed to it

The next morning both of them took their bucket, started to fulling water from the river and empty it into the village tank, again to the river and then to the village tank and for every bucket they'll be paid money. This went on the few days, then one day Pablo realized, it's so tedious process and he thought that why don't we build a pipeline. So if we build a pipeline, all the way from the river to the water river, the pipeline will carry water itself, we don't have to carry anymore and we don't have to put effort on a daily basis. So goes and shares the idea to his friend. He said that look if we build a pipeline we don't have to put daily efforts except that such pipeline will carry the water for us, but Bruno was not interested, because they would have to invest time, money and energy for building a pipeline. He was happy with carrying his buckets, so he tells Pablo you please go ahead. I'm happy the way as I'm, 

Now we have to look at the long story then the short problem starts working hard. Despite of the criticism, despite the ridiculous, he builds a pipeline and slowly starts spring from the pipeline day-In and day-out, Pablo becomes a free man. When he is sleeping, his income is on, such that pipeline carries water for him, When he was on holiday, his income is on, When he was partying with his friends. His income is on.

Bruno on the other hand, the day he takes it off, his income becomes zero. The day he sick or tired, his income becomes zero. And for the Pablo, doesn't have to worry about that. So slowly Pablo starts building the pipeline not only for his own village, but all the villages around. And so many people like Bruno, get unemployed.

Hence can you observe, what's the big thing?, you know it's obvious that he should have been the pipeline. Remember friends, ninety-five percent of people in the world, are bucket carriers. Yes  Ninety-five percent, maybe even more. But Only Five people are the ones who have created pipelines in their life and in this article we're discussing about 7 R Theory, by which we can actually create pipelines.

So we have a difference between what we call an Active Income and what we call a Passive Income for an active income you have to act all the time like Bruno, the day you are sleep, or go to a party, or on the holiday, the income stops, the day you tired, your income stops, after the dead, your income stops, even a child can not be inherited.

But there if you have a passive income extreme, even if you are sick or old, you will earn, you sleep, on holiday, be retired, your income is on, if you die, your child inherited your pipeline and his income will be on by the way. Ok, this is the passive income you have to focus on.

So the passive doesn't mean, the dad you are passing well to you. We have a different interpretation of passive income between seeing in the Seven R Theory is that people. We have Seven R' s.

Image from
So before the Industrial Revolution, we had only two kinds of income, we had something called it RATE, and we have something called REMUNERATION. All of them who sold good, they have a rate, e.g. t-shirt has a rate, the trouser has a rate, and so on, but who render services, they give remuneration, e.g. a doctor, a lawyer, everybody has a remuneration so this two-income existed. A RATE or a REMUNERATION.

But there is something very interesting happened with the arrival of the Industrial Revolution, you can see it at the above image as it's a REPLICATION. So the efforts of the men, now transfer to the machine. So previously, if you wanted to make a hundred copies of the paper, you have to write a hundred times, but with the photocopy machine you can make the paper ones and the machine makes a hundred times for you.

For Instance, take an example of a theatre artist, he may be very talented. But when every time he wants to earn, then he has to go to the stage and perform on it,  however, for any reason he couldn't perform, so his income will be zero. For those, he always has to struggle.

But when he came to Movies. The firm/ Movies, you can REPLICATE, I mean, print DVDs CDS prints, you can distribute all over the world and you can get income from that many millions of pipelines. So replication changes the world with the industrial revolution,

Now, in the current scenario, we have the other four incomes, RENTS, ROYALTY, RIGHTS, and RETURNS. If you use them in your life, you will be able to create EXTREME WEALTH BY PUTTING MINIMUM EFFORTS. You just create the system, and the system works for you that the siege, one of them very interesting at all.


So the first is RENT, we all know this, IF you have a spare Property or a spare Flat or a spare Asset or a spare equipment, you give it to anyone and your income comes. So, are you working? No, if I have a spare property, my property generates rent for me, I'm not working whether I'm sleeping whether I'm on holiday, for every month, I get that into income, without putting any effort and that becomes an extra pipeline in my life so rent is a wonderful way of creating passive income. You have a property, a vehicle, or an equipment of economic value so you can rent it. Property is the best, because, what's a good price appreciation on your property.

Second is ROYALTY, taking question for an example, How many know candy crush game? We all played candy crush. You would be surprised at the makers of candy crush, earning between five hundred thousand dollars to eight hundred thousand dollars every single day. Every time someone downloads this app, a certain portion of the money goes to owner of candy crush developers. For that matter, any app in this world. Apple has now a revenue stream, which is more than the GDP of the hundred and fifty countries. Simply because everybody and anybody in the world downloads an app a certain portion as a royalty goes to the parent company.

People are putting products on stock websites and earning money. People are using the blocks, the gendered valve so application. You, too, we are living in a digital world enabling is on any part of the world. You may be sleeping in India and the US, someone knowledgeable and the money comes in about. So it is a beautiful reporting if you have any condition any intellectual property, you can capitalize on it by using organs. Tom Hanks right. We all know this right, so you can reduce your franchisee franchising rights. Brown breaks, I'm your licensee. For example, in the nineteen fifties when this started they're, not just governments. I'm happy to find this argument. Franchise is a little different in Australia infringement in Malaysia in Russia. Thirty, six thousand dollars it's in the world. And every. Other examples may be, to become a writer of the book, royalty easily becomes your income stream, like nowadays YouTubers make worthy videos and publish it on and get income on it. So what is it? Every viral video is a pipeline, when everyone clicks on the video, youtube gives you money. People are putting photographs on stock websites and earning mone. People are using blogs to generate wealth. So app creating, youtube, we are in the digital world, when an ebook on the Amazon, download anywhere from the world. You may be sleeping in the USA, your data in the UK, someone downloads your book and money comes to your bank account. So royalty is the beautiful way of creating extreme passive income. If you have any creation or any intellectual property, you can capitalize on it on royalty.

The third way is RIGHTS, we all know, these rights include franchise rights, brand rights, and licenses. For example McDonald's, in the 1950s when they started, they were just ten McDonalds and then slowly after some period of time, they spread franchises all over the world, in Australia, in Finland, in Malaysia, in Russia. Today, they have thirty-six-thousands McDonald's outlets in the world. And every time, you buy a burger or french fries that money, a certain percentage to the parent company, Imagine the volume, the revenue share that is like thirty-six thousand pipelines working for you would be Day-in and Day-out. Just by creating a brand by giving the franchise.

When we look at Harry Potter, J.K.Rowling before writing Harry Potter, was financially struggling but after Harry Potter became a brand. She got rights to an amazing level. In every book sold by Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling got a royalty, not only that, she took Harry Potter, to metal toys store, and say that you can make Harry Potter toys, but give me a few million pounds. She also can go to electronic arts and allow access to them to make games on Harry Potter and receive her royalty payment. So she has the brand and through this pipeline, from being a struggling woman became one of the richest women in the UK. It is the power of rights.

And the last, you can use it whether you are a small employer, whether you are an entrepreneur with a lot of corporate, very easy, something to be learned from our grandfathers and grandmothers. Since ages, the disclosure RETURNS, taking an example of a stock market. When in nineteen seventy you invested ten thousand rupees in the shares /stocks of any corporate then today that money would have become three hundred crores. That's a lot of income/ return. Warren Buffet said interest is the eighth wonder in the world.

So your returns that's everything your Bank Fixed Deposits, Stock Investments. It is very safe, so you can have debts or bonds, Investment in Gold, Investment in Property, and even investment in Art. Return also from Interest, dividends, and appreciation.)

If you use this Seven R theory in your life, then you can be able to generate wealth by yourself.
 Robert Kiyosaki said that POOR people WORK, but RICH people build NETWORK, and through the network, they get power to keep on earning.



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Beyond Narrative | Blog Where Every Single Word Matters: Theory of Creating Passive Wealth Extreme, & do Nothing!
Theory of Creating Passive Wealth Extreme, & do Nothing!
People are putting products on stock websites and earning money. People are using the blocks, the gendered valve so application. You, too, we are living in a digital world enabling is on any part of the world.
Beyond Narrative | Blog Where Every Single Word Matters
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